Improving Access for Aircraft Passengers with Reduced Mobility

The uniqueness of our Aviramp step-free boarding ramps was born out of a need to create an aircraft boarding system that revolutionised the passenger experience, while at the same time providing a cost-effective and efficient ground handling service.

Having identified a gap in the market for a more inclusive aircraft boarding system and a simplification of ground handling procedures, we knew Aviramp had the technology, skills, and experience to produce something unique. Designed to suit all commercial aircraft, there’s no doubt that our step-free boarding ramps and bridges provide benefits all round, for airports, airlines, ground handlers and passengers. However, the emphasis on passenger satisfaction and ease of access cannot be understated, especially for those with reduced mobility. By addressing the need for increased accessibility, we have created a safe, easy and efficient boarding system for all passengers.

Aviramp provides easy access for airline passengers

Step-free ramps and bridges provide a more dignified service, the low gradient slope is ideal for wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility, and young children who would otherwise struggle to climb steps. The added benefit to ground handling operations is the reduced turnaround times, with there being less reliance on expensive, time-consuming equipment such as ambulifts. Plus these maneuverable remote stand boarding ramps are fitted with remote control units that require only one handler, which further increases efficiency and reduces costs.

What are the benefits for passengers with reduced mobility?

There’s no doubt having to negotiate steps can be awkward for all passengers, especially those with reduced mobility. By eradicating the need for steps, Aviramp has opened up a completely different way of boarding and disembarking aircraft, creating a more positive passenger experience. The added benefits are numerous:

  • Less forward planning is required by the passenger, airlines, and airport ground support.
  • Traveling by air becomes more pleasurable, as the need for special assistance often requires passengers to be separated from their families and travel companions.
  • Reduced travel anxiety and stress.
  • A reduction in embarrassing situations that can arise if a disability causes delays, or because a person is given special treatment.
  • Step-free aircraft ramps and bridges provide a more dignified experience.

What are the benefits of step-free boarding ramps and bridges for airlines and ground support operations?

Aviramp switch back boarding ramps are completely customisable, therefore the benefits to the aviation ground handling sector are numerous. However, focusing on the mobility aspect, switch back ramps and step-free boarding can have a wide-ranging positive effect on the efficiency of ground handling operations. By improving access for all passengers, especially those with reduced mobility, our customers will experience the following benefits:

  • Improved ground handling efficiency.
  • Ease of maneuverability – Aviramp boarding ramps and bridges require one controller.
  • Improved turnaround times.
  • Improved passenger relationships.
  • Help fulfill disability legislation where it applies and duty of care.
  • The health and safety aspect is reduced.

For more information about how our step-free boarding ramps and bridges can help you, or to discuss your individual needs, please get in touch. You can see our ramps and bridges in service by going to our gallery page.