This is Aviramp® - we say YES!

Aviramp® Ltd is a UK based manufacturing company specialising in access and loading systems within Aviation with a worldwide network of clientele.

The 'Aviramp® Patented Remote Stand Boarding Ramps and Bridges' concept originally began in 2010 when a client noted that we manufactured aluminium access ramps for disabled access and for commercial use. They also noted that we had supplied a set of portable aircraft steps that could be carried in the aircraft hold to a client in the Middle East. When asked if we could design a ramp for disembarking disabled passengers off aircraft parked on remote stands, the answer was ‘Yes’.

We designed a concept in which Ground Support Management from EasyJet kindly helped us develop an aviation worthy product and trial the unit on their aircraft in Bristol. Work immediately began on testing the static and wind loading capacity of the units together with attaining the optimum angle of slope for an operator to push a wheelchair up and down based on a 94 kg (206 lbs) passenger.


The first day trial was a complete success - the first passenger testing the Aviramp was a PRM who would normally require an Ambulift, but was able to easily walk down the low angled slopes of the passenger boarding ramp. 

The first units sold commercially were to Pierrefonds Airport in La Reunion and Perpignan Airport in the South of France, who have since purchased multiple units due to the enhanced transformation of passenger handling. Since then, Aviramp® has developed into a suite of height adjustable remote stand passenger boarding ramps and bridges used globally by Airlines, Ground Handlers and Airports, just a few of which are detailed below. 

Aviramp® is now the leading global brand and product development has led us to develop the worlds first fully sustainable solar powered suite of passenger boarding ramps and bridges.

Look out for new products for aviation currently in design, there’s a lot going on here at Aviramp

Meet The Team

Graham Corfield


As CEO, Graham’s objective is to see how Aviramp's® boarding ramps and bridges are changing aviation ground handling standards and to set a new industry precedent worldwide.

Mark Burton

Operations Manager

Mark's role at Aviramp® is extensive, heading up the production teams to ensure the timely dispatch of high quality Aviramps® to our global customer base. Mark's team also manages product innovation and procurement to ensure our customers receive the best quality and most cost effective product and service.

Claire Lockham

Account Manager – Global Sales

Claire works from our UK headquarters alongside our manufacturing canter. Claire leads Aviramp's® sales pipeline flow, ensuring regular customer communication during the order process.

Michael Bannerman

General Manager, Australasia and the Pacific

Michael heads up Australasia, which includes Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. He is responsible for driving the sales strategy in this key market. Michael has experience in the aviation sector and has worked in this market for many years so he understand completely the legislative standards and operations within the industry for these particular territories.

Lee Burrows

Installation, Spare Parts and Customer Service Manager

Lee manages the commissioning process and servicing contracts of Aviramp® products. Based from our UK headquarters, Lee's team is deployed throughout the world to ensure that all Aviramps® are installed safely and working efficiently worldwide.

Tina Williams

Export and Logistics Manager

Tina manages our vast network of logistics suppliers to safely transport Aviramps® throughout the world to our customers, navigating global incoterms to ensure on time delivery.

Ross Underhill

Training, Compliance and Health and Safety Manager

Ross has the responsibility of managing risk assessments, compliance, training, and stakeholder collaboration. Ross is instrumental in promoting a positive safety culture and workplace safety at Aviramp®.

Adam Corfield

Global Sales Lead

Adam plays a pivotal role in overseeing global sales and business development. He is also a qualified commercial pilot having flown A320, B737, B747, B777 and B787. Adam has extensive experience of airside operations which allows him to fully understand customer requirements and ensure all objectives are met.


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