Mobile Boarding Bridge

Medium/Narrow Body Aircraft

The Aviramp Regional is operated by just one person with the use of a ‘Tiller’ swing arm for steering or fully remote controlled. 

The power source is either a small diesel engine or purely sustainable Solar generated power driving an electric motor which both in-turn powers a hydraulic drive system.

The patented three tier step-less switchback walkway offers a maximum slope angle of just 8°, which in-turn enables easy access for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and assisted wheelchair access. Children and parents carrying children can also board and disembark in complete safety without the fear of falling down steep stairs. 

Operational height of the standard Aviramp Regional is 160cm (62”) up to 270 cm (8’10”). 

For International clients the units are shipped by container and assembled on-site by our team of specialists who also carry out full on-site operational and maintenance training. It is possible to be shipped fully assembled to some European destinations where full on-site training is also given. 

A host of optional extras are available including fully enclosed roof, canopy only, walkway lighting, aircraft door cover etc. Please see a full list of optional extras here. 

The unit comes with a 10 year structural warranty and 1 year warranty on ancillary parts subject to terms and conditions.

AHM 913 compatibility units are also available.

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B737  (Front door only)
Embraer 145
Embraer 170
Embraer 175
Embraer 190
Embraer 195
Fokker 100
  • Pre-boarding facility
  • One-person operation
  • Patented 360° design, with 7.5 to 8 degree gradient slopes
  • Regional height 1.6 metres (5’3”) up to 2.65 metres (8’8’)
  • Safe working load 3.2kN per square metre with extra built in safety factor
  • Minimal moving parts; virtually maintenance free
  • Unique anti-slip flooring; even in wet and icy conditions
  • The Regional can be used either directly against the aircraft, or where aircraft have fitted stairs in place, a lightweight bridging ramp can be used
  • Purchase and leasing options available
  • Aftersales care with full support helpline, warranty, maintenance and service plans
  • Full installation, assembly and training mandatory
  • There is a complete range of optional extras and accessories to customise the basic unit to suit operational and climatic requirements.

We were one of the very first airports to commission Aviramp® at Perpignan! To us it was a no brainer given the huge benefits for all stakeholders! We haven’t looked back and have since added more!

Perpignan Airport

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