Staxi Aisle Chair

Easier and Inclusive Boarding

With a 360 degree turning radius, the Staxi Aisle Chair is the ideal product for boarding and disembarking aircraft on all Aviramp models.  Designed with passenger safety and security in mind, the Staxi Aisle chair is both lightweight and compact whilst providing ultimate comfort to PRM's. 

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  • Fail-safe brake system for passenger safety and security
  • Large luggage area for passenger convenience and safety
  • High quality castors & anti tip design. Easy to maneuver for a smooth and reliable ride
  • Microbial resistant cushions for optimum hygiene and ease of maintenance
  • Front and back handles fold away when not in use
  • Strong, durable and safe non folding frame
  • Footrest for passenger comfort and safety. Lift for front end entry option
  • Courtesy rack - Ideal for storing small bags, documents and magazines. Hanging hooks 25lbs (11.5kg) weight capacity - ideal for handbags, hand luggage

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