Great News for Aviramp

Airside International stage their first exhibition in GSE and Ground Opps in the beautiful setting of Dubrovnik! The Sheraton Hotel is the hosting venue and Aviramp is creating a stir as always given our suite of patented boarding ramps and bridges. Proven to drive turnaround efficiencies, deliver huge cost savings and provide an all inclusive step free experience, especially for the PRM!

On a completely different continent, Ground Handling International stage one of their heavily attended exhibitions in the dramatic capital city of Kigali in Rwanda. So yet another Aviramp team has been deployed over there at the same time, in order to amplify the brand in this key market and highlight the many raft of benefits.

Great news for Aviramp!

With more exhibitions scheduled for 2019 and several more for the last quarter of this year…we are on a non stop tour of the world! So why not join us at either IAEMA in October Las Vegas (2nd-4th October)or the Bahrain Airshow in November (14th-16th) or even GHIs flagship conference in Gothenburg (26th-29th) that same month!!

Also we are staging a suite of product showcases with various airport partners, so watch this space for more details or contact our sales team for more information and to get involved early.

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