Aviramp Support – COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 situation, and its effects on the industry and the world in general, we are looking at how we can support our valued customers in these very difficult and stressful times. The team here at Aviramp are keen to play our part in helping you, our customers, to ensure that things can start moving efficiently, once the industry starts getting the ‘all clear’ to fly once again, and open up for business.With this in mind, it might be timely for you to pre-order NOW any spare parts for your existing Aviramp units, to guarantee that you will have everything you need to ‘switch on‘ operations, once the world starts moving again. It is crucial for airports and airlines to be ready, and for all ground handling equipment to be up to speed and ‘on point‘ to do its job seamlessly. The demand will be high, and so will the stress levels I am sure.Currently, supply is extremely limited due to this unprecedented situation, which is why pre-ordering any spare parts required to kick start your operations, needs to be done now. This is particularly important to do well in advance if at all possible, as all commodities are pretty scarce.The team here at Aviramp, are well prepared and ready to discuss all your requirements, so just give the team a call on +44 (0) 1952 291220 or drop us an email by return, and we will be on the case immediately.Just as you have believed in our products and invested in us, we very much want to return that support, and invest in you now, during this most difficult of times.‘We are in this together.And we will get through this together’.