Aviramp partners Hobart International Airport with a little help from our friends at Qantas!!!

Hobart International have taken delivery of five Aviramp Continentals, with a little help from the Qantas team for championing our products!! What makes this ‘win’ so interesting is that these units serve to demonstrate some new features, that we will be marketing and offering this year! Let’s take a peek at these new features….

We have a new ‘Entry Ramp Safety Lock off Sensor’, which allows the engine to start providing the entry ramp is in the closed position. There is a ‘Sliding Gates Safety Lock Off Sensor’, which permits the engine to start, only if the gates are fully retracted. More lighting options too with a’Stabiliser Raise and Lower Lighting’ feature. This gives added peace of mind with visual confirmation of all four stabilisers in fully extended and fully retracted modes. Last but by no means least, we have introduced ‘Extra Large Rubberised Stabiliser Pads’ providing double the surface area of our standard equivalents, with a non- slip solution for all weather operations!

In short we never stop innovating and improving our existing product suite and the huge raft of optional extras. These really do customise our boarding ramps and bridges to suit every kind of operational scenario.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the Aviramp Continentals doings ’their thing’ in Hobart right now!!