Aviramp Opens Us Office

British based and independently owned manufacturing company Aviramp, opens its first office in Houston Texas, in a response to handle the high demand for Aviramp mobile passenger boarding ramps and bridges. The expansion plan will include a factory in 2020, however in the interim, it will run the US sales and customer service operation from this site, under the watchful eye of recently appointed GM Paula Deuschle.

Paula’s strong B2B sales and customer service background ensures a smooth approach and long-term management of all orders and aftersales strategies. She will shortly be joined by a US based Field Sales Representative, with interviews commencing to fill that post over the next few weeks. So get in touch if you are interested!!! On joining the company Paula went on to say “how delighted I am to be a part of the Aviramp team, and how thrilled I am to represent the brand here in the States, given how innovative these products are, the genuine benefits they deliver, and fundamentally our quality production. Our values as a business are reflected in our approach and management of our customers before, during and after the sale. And we are deeply committed to delivering a seamless, and stress free purchasing experience for them. Personally I cannot wait to get started”

This is an integral part of a global macro strategy to build localised sales teams in key markets worldwide. Many are already up and running, with another recently launched to focus on the Americas, and will be overseen by Jose Schwarzer, a former long serving senior employee at Menzies, and well versed in all areas of aviation ground handling.

These are transitional phases in the growth of the Aviramp brand and business, and it does not intend to slow down any time soon. This year will see another tour of the key airport and ground-handling shows around the world starting in Singapore this month, and our US team will be present at both the AAAE and ACI NA shows in Boston and Tampa respectively. A spokesperson at Aviramp HQ issued this statement on behalf of the board ”We have wanted to launch operations in the US for some time given the overwhelming support for the product in North America, and have delayed simply due to identifying the right premises and representative to oversee operations there, we are super excited that Paula has joined the team to drive our strategy in the US. Moreover, we welcome a true ground handling professional in Jose Schwarzer, to focus on the Americas given the huge opportunity in Central and South America as well, so as you can see the scale of that potential, and our investment in the Americas as a whole, indicates just what an important strategic move it is for the business. We are excited to see what the future holds going forward”

Aviramp is a fast moving, and fast growing business, with innovation and quality manufacturing at its core. The simplicity of these patented boarding products with their ease of use and raft of benefits; makes them the most exciting breakthrough product in ground handling today.