Aviramp Development Update

We have been using our time wisely during lockdown, and now here’s a chance to share those developments, and for you to take an early look at what we have been up to regarding our suite of Aviramp Boarding Equipment.

We have already successfully launched our suite of solar powered models, including the Lite, Domestic, Regional and Continental. Now we are thrilled to be introducing the Solar Powered International! No need for costly non sustainable GSE such as the Ambulift for wide body aircraft, when the Aviramp solar only takes one person to operate it, without any associated running costs, such as specialist drivers and free power to boot!

For those who already have Aviramp in their fleet, we will offer a conversion kit to turn diesel units into solar.

For those with Aviramp already in their fleet, why not use them for cargo loading. We have examples of customers doing just that in many airports globally. Another mark of the versatility of our boarding ramps and bridges. During this pandemic some airlines have actually converted their passenger cabins to carry cargo, so Aviramp offers an easy solution for wheeling and carrying boxes safely into the cabin area. The Aviramp International was used on a 747 for this exact purpose, however all of our units can be used for this activity depending on aircraft type.

The new ‘Creep Control’ is one of our latest product modifications, designed specifically for aircraft docking. This new innovation involves a two speed forward controller; standard mode for positioning and creep mode for docking the Aviramp onto the aircraft. This will be fitted on all new units for 2021, and we will also be offering conversion kits for existing units.
Reverse remains single speed.

Another example of product development is the new Lite ‘Transformer’ Ramp. The product includes a remote control facility to the aircraft with a flex lead control box to allow safe viewing for the ground handler. Once in position you simply press a switch to lower the legs. A second switch is used to automatically deploy the tail gate. Safe and simple. Conversion kits will be available for existing units; diesel, manual and solar.

At Aviramp, the team are always working to achieve maximum cost benefits for customers given the current climate, so that all of our products require minimal servicing and maintenance in order to deliver a lean product for these leanest of times.

Equally, we believe in driving the sustainability mandate, by investing in solar to reduce the carbon footprint and protect our environment. Our solar powered suite of boarding ramps and bridges have withstood the most rigorous testing over the last two years, ensuring the Aviramp brand stays ahead of the curve.