Aviramp Attends the GSE Expo 2022

Aviramp recently had a fantastic opportunity to showcase our new products at the GSE Expo 2022. It was Europe’s turn to host the show and it was great to see such a brilliant turnout, after what has been a difficult post-pandemic period for the aviation industry. The world of ground support equipment truly arrived in Paris, and it was so good to be part of it.

Innovation and Sustainability

From the innovation zone to the demo zone, the expo was buzzing with creativity and innovation, it was really uplifting to see such a massive push towards more sustainable GSE.

There was a lot of activity around the Aviramp stand, and many noted our push for inclusive and dignified aircraft passenger boarding, together with our emphasis on the development of carbon-free GSE. The expo provided the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate and showcase our exciting and new ground support equipment being developed at Aviramp, these included:

  • The Aviramp Chair-Lifter

As an industry first, our Chair-Lifter drew a lot of attention. It can carry up to three heavy electric wheelchairs at once, which can be loaded onto the luggage belt without the involvement of manual lifting. However, saving on physical labour and time efficiency are not the only benefits to be had from the Chair-Lifter. Being completely solar powered means energy costs are kept to a minimum and with ever-increasing fuel prices, being energy efficient is a big focal point for the aviation sector.

  • The E- Series Carbon Free Aircraft Passenger Boarding

We also showcased the Aviramp E-Series which is our fully electric (solar powered) Aviramp. The carbon-free E-Series offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly passenger boarding solution, which operates the same as diesel powered ramps and bridges but with the added benefit of reduced operational costs and low emissions.

The GSE Community

There was a real community spirit at the 2022 Expo, and we loved seeing what the rest of the GSE community have in the works. The innovation zone was lively and focused on all things autonomous, tech and hydrogen power. It seems there’s an exciting future for integrated technology in the aviation industry, and it was fascinating to discuss the possibility of autonomous vehicles.

As an industry, there has been little change over the years, but Covid and Jet Zero have meant the industry has been pushed towards extending technological boundaries and making changes for the better. It is truly an incredible time for innovation.

It was great to see everyone at the expo and we look forward to continuing to support customers, as everyone looks to secure a relevant and sustainable aviation industry of the future.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our solar powered boarding solutions and other sustainable GSE products.