Heavy Mobility Aid Loader

Working with industry experts, airport and ground handling specialists, the EMA Mobiloader is a simply constructed product, which provides an easy to use solution, to a very serious problem, the loading of heavy Electric Mobility Aids from airside to aircraft hold.

Aviramp GSE is an aviation industry focussed business, with worldwide experience of delivering PRM providers with wheelchair access solutions, alongside a commitment to improving safety, driving operational efficiency, reducing costs and delivering the best passenger experience. We service the aviation industry exclusively, however our sister company brings a breadth of experience in manufacturing non- slip solutions for multi-sector environments, and it is this collaborative insight, which enabled the unique design and development of the EMA Mobiloader.

This investment was made in direct response to the feed back and demands from aviation experts and customers, regarding the growing demand to find a solution to the EMA loading issue. These heavy and cumbersome objects need to be safely and efficiently transferred onto bulk loaded aircraft. Furthermore, EMAs can now weigh upward of 90kgs and present a substantial back injury and crush risk to loading staff, who handle manually, on and off belt loaders. There is also the added risk of aircraft damage, and EMAs impacting on departure times and risking delays, especially if forklifts or other improvised mechanics are used.

That was the challenge, and now Aviramp GSE has delivered a real time solution.

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  • Improves loading and offloading times
  • Unfold gas assist ramp; easy to use one man operation
  • Pre-set height, servicing the smallest aircraft up to the B757 model
  • Only 2 actions; fold out bridge and fold out tail gate 20-second set up time
  • No aircraft contact (up to 30 cm) so no aircraft damage, bridge plate also has nylon landing pad, allowing the loading of EMAs from tarmac to hold without touching the aircraft door sill
  • Towable to aircraft by hand
  • 50-second operation; as the EMA loads itself into the hold with the aid of a solar winch system; same process in reverse
  • Manual loading and safe despatch without winch due to patented slopes
  • No risk to handler’s safety, no lifting necessary
  • Unique anti-slip flooring; even in wet and icy conditions
  • Ramp angle, as per industry standard within the removal industry
  • Up to 1 tonne capacity loads
  • 2 operations to store, and compact design ensures space saving
  • Maintenance free operation (galvanised steel and aluminium materials guarantee longevity)
  • Purchase and leasing options available
  • Aftersales care with full support helpline, warranty, maintenance and service plans
  • Full installation, assembly and training mandatory

For years we have been wrestling with the problem of heavy electric mobility aids in terms of handlers safety and meeting turnaround targets... Aviramp has presented the safest and simplest solution with the introduction of its Mobiloader! We are delighted to be among those using this innovative product!

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