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Aviramp Frequently Asked Questions

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Aviramp Continental seems big to operate?

The Aviramp Continental is the same length as the stairs detailed left and just 0.6m (24″) wider. The unit seems large because the rear is high.



We are tight for space to operate Aviramp Continental as we have 757 and A320 aircraft to turn and we have no storage space?

Aviramp turns in-line with IATA standards and for the length of unit has a particularly short wheelbase so is easily manoeuvred and steered. The unit can be stored well away from the stand and driven to stand ready for operation.

Is there a restriction on passenger numbers at any one time on an Aviramp?

The passenger load Aviramp is designed for is 320 kgs (700 lbs) per square metre (yard) of walkway area, plus a factor of safety – we doubt very much if you could fit enough passengers with hand luggage on every square metre of walkway – so in effect no. (See picture right of a fully loaded Continental). This can add value to ‘Green Light’ boarding as passengers can be held on the two lower ramps while crew have access to the cabin via the stairs.