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  • “We noticed a great improvement in disembarking times. Elderly people, children and passengers with large pieces of hand luggage do not reduce the flow anymore as there are no more steps and the passengers feel more confident using Aviramp. Of course our disabled passengers are very satisfied as they do not feel discriminated against anymore”.

    Stephane Courtois

    Ground Operations Manager of Pierrefonds Airport Reunion

  • Newquay Airport

    “The Aviramp solution has been a huge success for us – we have used the passenger boarding ramp on Aircrafts such as the Airbus A319 and A320, Bombardier Dash 8, BAE146, CR9, Embraer E175 and E195”

    Richard Thomasson

    Airport Operations Manager of Newquay Airport

  • Norwich International Airport Logo

    “The Aviramp has been a welcome additional to our ground handling equipment at Norwich.  It was purchased primarily as an upgrade on service provided to PRM passengers and so it has proved to be.  It also appears to have been very much welcomed by able bodied passengers who on many occasions have passed comment on the ease at which they can board and disembark”

    Dan Bean

    Airside Service Manager of Norwich International Airport

  • “We are delighted to be the first airline in the world to trial Aviramp. Innovation is at the heart of our business and we are always pleased to find new opportunities to improve the passenger experience at Airports, particularly for those with reduced mobility”

    Karen Cox

    easyJet's Head of Ground Operations

  • Norwich International Airport Logo

    “We are committed to making the airport experience an easier, speedier and less stressful one for all of our passengers and the arrival of the Aviramp system is another step towards improving their journey through the airport”

    Andrew Bell

    CEO of Norwich International Airport

  • NAS

    The unit’s simplicity, reliability, and dual purpose usability will surely force itself in the arena, I can see Aviramp throughout all airports in the MENA region quite soon, it really is a sound investment.

    Naser Farad Al Obaid

    Engineering Director of National Aviation Services Kuwait

  • Newquay Airport

    I can say easily that since introducing Aviramp here at NQY around a year and a half ago, that it has reduced the physical lift on’s by around 80%, yes we still have to transfer the PRM from either the wheel chair to the seat or the smaller lift on chair to the A/C seat but this takes most of the effort away from the Ramp / ASO staff.

    Steve Delaney

    Trainer and Compliance Controller at Newquay Airport