Aviramp is an independent, entrepreneurial business led by CEO Graham Corfield

The challenge was to provide an innovative product to change aviation ground handling and deliver a new industry standard.

So the Aviramp was developed and grew advocacy from all corners of the world, from airlines, airports, ground handling compainies and PRM providers. UK based airline Easyjet facilitated trials and tests to ensure the concept could deliver against its core criteria: to improve safety, to achieve greater operational efficiency, and lastly to create a better, more inclusive passenger experience for everyone.

Our customers are literally globally based, and our products fully operational across the sector in multi markets including the UK, Europe, USA, the Caribbean, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Full credentials and testimonials reinforce the impact Aviramp is having on aviation operations.

Graham Corfield

Chief Executive Officer

Aviramp is a simple product, in terms of its design and functionality. That is what the industry struggled with initially. My objective as CEO is to see how boarding ramps and bridges will change aviation ground handling and set a new industry precedent worldwide.

Clive Macmillan


Clive has always challenged the status quo in aviation ground handling, and is responsible for pioneering change throughout his 30 year career in the industry. He shares the vision of the business to drive Aviramp to the forefront of the ground handling agenda.

Lisa Corfield

Finance Director

Lisa oversees the whole financial management of the business and ensures all best practice procedures are adhered to. Essentially she is more of a Chief Operating Officer given her operational and manufacturing insight and background.

Terri Smart-Jewkes

Global Sales & Marketing Director

Terri has worked in diverse sectors both agency and client side developing brands from their inception to market leaders. She has worked cross discipline in senior strategic positions in commercial marketing led roles.

Anhar Miah

Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator

Anhar performs an operational role in ensuring that key strategies are implemented and followed up in terms of sales and marketing. He is usually the first contact a new prospect has with Aviramp as he manages all incoming enquiries and CRM.

Simon Prower

Account Director – Special Projects

With well over 25 years’ experience in Ground Operations, including 10 years in Policy and Standards roles at easyJet, and as Director Of Ground Operations at Flybe, Simon is known for his work in streamlining ground operations, improving performance and compliance.

Mark Burton

Head of Production

Mark is an instrumental figure in terms of production and the practical element, he has been an integral part of the Aviramp story from conception to reality. He runs the production schedule and oversees the manual team.

Tina Williams

Procurement Manager

Tina is very much an integral part of the production strategy and its implementation. She works with the senior team regarding sourcing and buying the right quality materials, alongside overseeing all logistics and export operations.



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