Aviramp is an independent, entrepreneurial business led by CEO Graham Corfield

The Aviramp patented mobile boarding ramp delivers a plethora of benefits for all stakeholders; by driving turnaround efficiencies, improving safety, resolving exacerbating capacity issues and delivering an all- inclusive, step-free experience for all passengers, including greater dignity for the PRM.

So the Aviramp was developed and grew advocacy from all corners of the world, from airlines, airports, ground handling companies and PRM providers. UK based airline Easyjet facilitated trials and tests to ensure the concept could deliver against its core criteria: to improve safety, to achieve greater operational efficiency, and lastly to create a better, more inclusive passenger experience for everyone.

Our customers are literally globally based, and our products fully operational across the sector in multi markets including the UK, Europe, USA, the Caribbean, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Full credentials and testimonials reinforce the impact Aviramp is having on aviation operations.

Graham Corfield

Chief Executive Officer

Aviramp is a simple product, in terms of its design and functionality. That is what the industry struggled with initially. As CEO, Graham’s objective is to see how these boarding ramps and bridges will change aviation ground handling and set a new industry precedent worldwide, which it is now beginning to do!

Jose Schwarzer

Director – Americas

Jose heads up and oversees our sales strategy and execution in the Americas given his experience and background in aviation and this key target market.

Terri Smart-Jewkes

Global Sales & Marketing Director

Terri has worked in diverse sectors both agency and client side developing brands from their inception to market leaders. Her role for Aviramp is as brand guardian, to oversee all commercial aspects of the business and drive the marketing and media strategy, both internally and externally.

Paula Deuschle

General Manager, USA and Canada

Paula oversees sales in the USA and Canada, and given our Houston base she also coordinates and manages this office. So she is a key liaison figure for all US customers and potential customers. Paula’s background lies in customer service and logistics, making her ideally placed for this management role.

Michael Bannerman

General Manager, Australasia and the Pacific

Michael heads up Australasia, which includes Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. He is responsible for driving the sales strategy in this key market. Michael has experience in the aviation sector and has worked in this market for many years so he understand completely the legislative standards and operations within the industry for these particular territories.

Steven Dickson

General Manager, South East Asia

Steven heads up and overseas our sales strategy and execution in the South East Asia given his experience and background in aviation and this key target market.



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